"Airbrushing 101" by The Airbrush Institute™ Book

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New Item! $49.95
New Item! $49.95

Enter the realm of airbrushing!  We have demystified this intimidating tool, so that you can learn to airbrush from home at your OWN PACE!  How, you ask?

With this exciting workbook ~ your very own step-by-step guide to airbrushing!  It's never been done before ~ can you believe it? 

We've broken the airbrush down to the very basics from start to finish and put it into one awesome book that will give you everything you need ~ as if you were in a classroom with us!

The airbrush is capable of only a few essential elements.  These elements are broken down and presented in a fun and interesting way! 

The front portion of the book contains the lessons, and the back of the book has the worksheets you need to complete the exercises.  Just copy them, and do the exercises over and over until you are proficient with each skill before moving on to the next exercise.  

There are over 50 exercises that build your skills!  Yes, you can watch YouTube, but our exercises are introduced in a logical sequence that strengthens your proficiency.  If you have nothing to apply your skill to, you will never develop muscle memory...the TRUE trick to airbrushing!  This book provides exactly the right kind of instruction without all of the bad habits you may learn from videos.

With all the skills you learn in this book, you wll be prepared to attack the four original pieces that are introduced as final projects.  You need to have something to work towards, and the final projects use all the skills you learned along the way to complete beautiful results.

Come in and start your journey of a lifetime.  Airbrushing is addictive, fun, and will be a great asset to your arsenal, whether you are a hobbyist, a crafter or a fine artist.  There is great money-making potential when you know how to airbrush! 

Get yours today!

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