End Nipper

Item #: 85916
Our Price $25.95
Our Price $25.95

Flush Cutter with a New Angle
  • Easily snip off closely spaced pins without damaging adjacent work
  • Made by Xuron for Micro-Mark for modelers
  • Use straight in and not from the side, cutting edge is 1/8 inch wide
  • A Micro-Mark Exclusive
  • Made in the USA

Experienced craftsmen know how difficult it can be to snip off closely spaced pins without damaging adjacent work . . . traditional diagonal pliers have large cutting edges that don't fit in tight spots plus handles that tangle with other details. Micro-Mark's End Nipper solves these problems. It has a cutting edge that runs across the narrow tip of the plier, not along the sides of the jaws. The nipper is used 'straight-in,' not from the side, and the cutting edge is less than 1/8 inch wide, so it fits in tight places. Sharp, durable cutting edges cut flush with the surface, so cleanup is not required. Rubber-coated handles provide a comfortable grip. Cuts off pins* that protrude up to 3/4 inch. Overall length: 5-1/2 inches. Precision made exclusively for Micro-Mark by Xuron.

*Designed for use on soft brass pins; not for use on harder materials, such as steel or music wire.

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