Featherboard & Fence for MicroLux® Tilting Arbor Table Saw #80463

Item #: 80898
List Price $45.00
Our Price $39.95
List Price $45.00
Our Price $39.95

Make Your MicroLux® Table Saw More Versatile

Fits #80463 MicroLux® Tilting Arbor Table Saw only.

The support provided by a high fence allows you to make cuts that are safer, easier and more accurate. And you can mount jigs and attachments to a high fence that won't fit on a standard fence. 

Here's what you'll get:

2 inch high x 10 inch long extruded aluminum rip fence. This attachment mounts to your existing fence in seconds with 3 clamping screws. It supports stock vertically, allowing you to make dado, rabbet, tenon and other edge cuts. You can also use home made push sticks, hold downs and other cutting jigs that slide along or clamp to the top edge and face of the fence to provide safer, more accurate cuts.

Vertical featherboard. Mounts to high fence with C clamp (included). Flexible fingers hold stock tight against saw table and help prevent kick-back. Made of laser cut hardwood and steel.

Horizontal featherboard. Mounts in miter gauge slot with special expanding clamp. Flexible fingers hold stock tight against rip fence. Adjustable for different stock widths. Made of laser cut hardwood, aluminum and steel.

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