Jeweler's Vectoring Pliers

Item #: 90149
Our Price $14.95
Our Price $14.95

When placing a gem into the prongs of a setting, the delicate prongs need to be opened and closed tightly around the girdle of the gem. They require 3 specially shaped pliers to do the job correctly. This 90149 Vectoring pliers has been designed to be the last step in the settings of the prongs. Prongs made from white gold or harder version of yellow gold have the tendency to spring back after using the prong setting pliers to close them around the girdle of gems. Thus, the gem can still have play within its setting. The pliers are used by applying lateral pressure on prongs that are "neighboring." By squeezing them together slightly with the narrow design of these plier tips, you get the prong to ride back along the girdle of the gem and have them move inward. Working back and forth across the setting the gem in now secured. The other 2 pliers you should also consider when working with settings are our 90142 and 90143 Parrot Peak pliers for opening and closing. They are 6-1/2" in length with leaf spring and box joint construction with super comfortable foam grip handles and made from stainless steel. The head of the pliers are rectangularly tapered to approximately 2 mm. (.075").

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