Jokari Secura 2K Wire Stripper

Item #: 90337
Our Price $64.95
Our Price $64.95

Automatically adjusts to cables of 0.2-6.0mm²

The Jokari Secura 2K Wire Stripper is an ergonomic, automatic wire stripper which is suitable for wires from 0.2 - 6.0mm² (AWG 24 - 10). It ensures speedy and precise stripping of wires, even where access is difficult. No diameter adjustments are required.

The Wire Stripper has exchangeable blades and features an integral wire cutter for diameters of up to 2.5 mm² and has a length stopper which is adjustable from 6 to 18mm. It has a plier-handle design with soft, non-slip safety grip.

Made in Germany.

Now equipped with tension precision!

The "+" is for more tension, and helps with the stripping of smaller wires, especially those that have slick teflon like coating.

The "- is for less tension, and helps with larger wires. Less tension hinders the friction of the outer jacket sliding off during the strip process.

This helps to avoid damaging the inner conductors on a wire that is stranded.

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