KNIPEX 6-1/4" Diagonal 45° Flush Cutter for Plastics

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List Price $95.00
Our Price $86.00

Quality Diagonal cutters for plastic and other soft materials

The KNIPEX 6-1/4" Diagonal 45° Flush Cutter for Plastics provides a fully flush cut when cutting tie-wraps, plastic and soft metals - 45 degree angled head.

Diagonal cutters for wire have bevels on the cutting edges, producing a wedge-shaped cut towards the center of the cut product. From a physical point of view, this wedge splits the material to be cut apart. The wire ends have wedge-shaped cut surfaces as a result. A flush, smooth cut is desired when separating molded parts and sprues, however, in order to create the least finishing work when deburring.

Made from vanadium electric steel; forged, oil-hardened.

Tool Dimensions: 6.4 x 2 x 0.65 inches.
Micro-Mark is proud to offer Knipex Brand Tools Because Quality Matters!

The decisive factor for the function of a pair of pliers is their precision: without accuracy, there is no reliable cutting, gripping or deforming, and no operation without play. Tight tolerances, the compliance of which they ensure with modern manufacturing technology, enable Knipex to meet their strict quality requirements.

To ensure that Knipex pliers meet your expectations and our high demands, they only use selected steel alloys that has been rolled according to their specifications.


  • Cutting face flush

  • For nearly flush cutting of moulded plastic components from sprues

  • Cuts soft materials such as lead in a flush cut with opening spring

  • 45° angled blades

Made in Germany

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