Micro-Mark Pro-Etch Photo Etch System (Export Version)

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Our Price $119.95
Our Price $119.95

Now You Can Make Your Own High Quality Photo-Etched Parts

Note: Export Version DOES NOT contain chemicals

Nothing adds the WOW factor to your models and miniatures like precision-crafted photo-etched metal details...and now, with the revolutionary Pro-Etch System, you can make them right at home.

This is a true photo-resist metal etching system that employs advanced technologies and materials previously available only to industrial users. It uses your computer, an ink jet printer, and materials included in the system to achieve incredibly fine results. Virtually any small item that can be made from a flat piece of metal can be created with the Pro-Etch System in a fraction of the time it would take using other tools and methods (if it could be done at all). You can even create sophisticated 3-dimensional objects with a combination of careful design and folding of the flat photo-etched pieces. Make your own highly detailed parts for models, miniatures and instruments, jewelry, holiday decorations, engraved nameplates, craft items and hundreds of other items. In almost no time you'll be making precision metal parts with fine-line details you never thought possible.

Let your imagination run wild...the possibilities are unlimited!

Note: Maximum overall size of etched sheet: 3 inches square x .010 inch thick.

The EXPORT-ONLY Pro-Etch System includes:

  • Specially developed, high resolution, ink jet film (two, 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches)

  • Photo-resist material (one, 19 inches x 12 inches)

  • Brass and stainless steel sheet metal (one each, 6 inches x 12 inches)

  • Photo-Resist Laminating machine and carrier sheets

  • Exposure frame and clamps

  • Etching tank with circulating pump

  • Metal-prep pad, plastic tweezer, measuring cup, apron, goggles and gloves

  • How-To manual with easy-to-understand instructions, illustrations and photos to guide you through each step of the process.

NOTE: To make your Pro-Etch System suitable for international shipping, two of the chemicals required for use of the system have been removed from the Export Version. To use the Pro-Etch System, you will need to purchase these chemicals locally.

The ETCHANT chemical is Ferric Chloride, commonly used in the electronics industry. This chemical is used at full strength in the etching process.

The DEVELOPER / STRIPPER chemical is Sodium Hydroxide, which should be obtained in powdered or pellet form. For use in the system, this chemical must be mixed with water to a concentration of 5% by weight. Example: 1 US gallon weighs 8.337 lbs. To make 1 gallon Developer / Stripper solution, slowly add 0.416 lbs. of Sodium Hydroxide powder/pellets to 1 gallon of water to achieve the required 5% concentration.

Please note that these chemicals are caustic. Follow the chemical manufacturer's guidelines for their use and disposal. Careful handling, eye protection and good ventilation are required. Do not use these chemicals with aluminum; otherwise, a too-strong reaction may occur.

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