Ratliner - The Shroud Building Tool, 1:35 to 1:48 Scale

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List Price $29.99
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MS7203 Ratliner - The Shroud Building Tool, 1:35 to 1:48 Scale

A Ratliner is a nautical term used to describe a rope ladder upon which sailors scampered up to the lower yards to furl or unfurl sails. The Ratline usually stopped at the lowest yard. A "Jacob's Ladder" (also made of rope) was used to get to the higher yards and the top of the mast.

A Ratliner is not much different than a loom used to weave cloth or rugs, but far more simple. Just follow the step-by-step instructions after selecting the Ratliner that corresponds closest to the scale of the model ship. Ratliners come in 3 different scale ranges: (#88059) MS7201 Scales 1:76 to 1:90, (#88060) MS7202 for scale 1:64, or close to it and (#88061) MS7203 for scales 1:35 to 1:48. If the scale of the model ship you are building doesn’t fall exactly within those ranges, even being as close as 10-15% will be good.

Nothing works as well as this Ratliner to produce accurately scaled ratlines in the shortest possible time. This Ratliner was developed after testing many different plywoods, acrylics, plastic sheets we discovered that 1/4" thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) was the most stable, easy to laser-cut and durable material available with the added advantage of low cost. The Ratliner has hundreds of feet of laser cut slots and holes. So many, that it takes a powerful laser-cutting machine a full 30 minutes to produce but one Ratliner. Appreciate the complexity and utility of this tool. This tool also has complete instructions.

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