Optivisor Professional Series Set

Item #: 84431
List Price $435.00
Our Price $299.95
List Price $435.00
Our Price $299.95

Professional Quality Binocular Magnifier Set for Hands-Free Magnification

Our Optivisor Professional Series Binocular Magnifier Set gives you 3-dimensional viewing by providing magnification for both eyes. Optical quality glass lenses magnify objects from 1-1/2x to 3-1/2x...and up to 7x when using the attachment loupe. Comfortable, light-weight leather headband has orthopedic felt padding and is fully adjustable to fit all head sizes. Tilts up and out of the way when not in use and can be worn over glasses.

Optivisor Professional Series Set includes:

  • Optivisor headband magnifier

  • Six lens plates...1-1/2x, 1-3/4x, 2x, 2-1/2x, 2-3/4x and 3-1/2x

  • Attachment loupe which doubles the magnification of any lens plate

  • VisorLIGHT...easily clips onto Optivisor to project a laser-sharp 6,000 candlepower beam of Xenon light on your workpiece

  • Sturdy carry/storage case with fitted foam interior

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