Plank Forming Jig

Item #: 60663
List Price $30.00
Our Price $24.95
List Price $30.00
Our Price $24.95

Bending ship model planking strips before assembly eliminates complicated clamping fixtures, saves time and money due to broken planks and assures neat, tight fitting joints. 

How it works: one row of adjustable nylon formers are arranged to the shape of the bend you need. Planks are then soaked in hot water for several minutes to make them pliable. Then they're placed against the first row of formers. The second row of formers is then slid up against the planks to hold them tightly in place. Remove the planks when they're dry. They'll be permanently formed to your predetermined curve. Form up to 5 planks at a time by stacking one atop the other as shown. 

Made of water resistant acrylic with 10 nylon formers and cap nuts, zinc plated screws and no-slip silicone rubber feet. 

Approx. 5 inches x 5 inches with 1 inch high nylon formers.

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