Spindles for Small Shop Metalworkers Book

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Our Price $12.95

Learn How to Build Your Own Spindle Varieties and Enhance Your Lathe and Workshop; Over 150 Scale Plans, Line Drawings, and Data Tables

A complete and crucial guide for amateur engineers, this book describes the design, construction, and use for a variety of useful spindles that range in shape and size. Featuring over 150 scale plans, line drawings, and a collection of helpful data tables, this metalworking guide clearly outlines several techniques for milling, grinding, and drilling spindles that are easy to make and have as few parts as possible.
Explore the possibilities of spindles!

  • A complete guide for amateur engineers to understand how to build your own spindle varieties and enhance your workshop

  • Describes the design, construction, and use of a variety of spindles for use with the lathe

  • Milling, grinding, and drilling spindles are covered along with a unique light gear cutting frame for clockmakers

Author Harprit Singh Sandhu is an American engineer, founder of Rhino Robots Inc., chief designer of the 'Rhino' series of robots, and a machinist, woodworker, and clockmaker.

The possibilities of what you can achieve in your workshop are greatly enhanced if you have spindles to use with your lathe!

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