Woodland Scenics BR4953 Letters, Parcels & Post Built & Ready Kit, N Scale

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List Price $59.95
Super Buy Price! $51.95

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Set Built-&-Ready Structures on your layout right out of the box! These hand-painted and fully-detailed buildings are great for building cities, towns and villages. They are molded with high architectural detail and include realistic weathering, signs, fixtures and accessories. Depending on the style of structures, additional features may include window treatments, printed interiors and/or lighting.

Whether you're sending a letter or patiently waiting on a package, Letters, Parcels & Post is there for all of your mailing needs.

Letters, Parcels & Post includes a rugged stone foundation, plenty of windows for showing off the printed interior and a light for highlighting the flag. A covered porch provides a place to wait when the lines are long, and a set of stairs lead to a side door. Additional features include a chimney, rear loading dock and an unattached mailbox for dropping off mail at any time of day.

This building comes with pre-installed interior and exterior LED lighting made for use with the Just Plug® Lighting System. 65mA RoHS Compliant.

Woodland Scenics no. BR4953.

Footprint: 2-1/4 inches wide x 2-11/32 inches deep; 1-1/2 inches high

Note: Colors may vary from actual product.

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