Airbrushes & Compressors

Micro-Mark's airbrush tools are used by professional modelers around the world. Discover how the right airbrush system or airbrush set can give your mini project the flawless finish you're looking for. Shop for a quality-tested anti vibration pad, airbrush spray booth, nozzle, filter or compressor to optimize your painting experience, and know that you're working with the best tools for the job. With our no-hassle guarantee, you'll always shop with confidence.

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Badger Patriot Model 105 Airbrush
# 87696
List Price $165.00
Online Price $145.95
Badger 200® Series “Detail” Airbrush Set
# 87694
List Price $97.00
Online Price $76.95
Badger Universal® Model 360 Airbrush Set
# 87690
List Price $204.00
Online Price $190.95
Badger Sotar 20/20® Airbrush Set
# 87687
List Price $180.00
Online Price $175.95