The Art of Extreme Wig Styling Book by Regan Cerato

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Our Price $24.95

The Art of Extreme Wig Styling Book by Regan Cerato

Complement your cosplay with an incredible wig . . . custom-designed and created by you! Regan Cerato of Cowbutt Crunchies shows you how to make dozens of extravagant wigs for cosplayer needs, from dyed spikes to dragon scales to fiber flowers and so much more! Extravagant wigs can be intimidating, they can even stump the most seasoned of crafters but with the expert Cosplay guidance, wig making can be accomplished by everybody. Whether you’re a new or experienced sewist, this handbook will help you turn your cosplay dreams into reality.

  • 104 Pages

  • All the core basics that will help take your wigs to the next level

  • Learn trimming tips, dyeing techniques, weft basics, teasing, volumizing, and so much more

  • With the right tips and tricks, an arsenal of skills, and guidance from seasoned cosplayers - extreme wig making can be for everybody!

  • A styling handbook for the ambitious wigsmith!

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