Taps and Dies

Our mission at Micro-Mark is to be your source for hard-to-find miniature tools and hobby tools at low prices. Micro-Mark's mini taps and dies are designed with modelers and hobbyists in mind. Use micro thread taps for putting threads in a hole made with a tap drill. Use our micro dies for accurately putting threads on a rod. All of our dies are made of high-speed steel with a 13/16 inch outside diameter and are adjustable for thread fit allowance. You can always buy your individual taps and dies and tap and die sets with confidence because we guarantee your satisfaction with our no-quarrel policy. Use our tools to give every project a professionally finished look.

17 Products

Micro Tap & Die Set, Metric
# 90524
Online Price $84.95
Micro Tap & Die Set, SAE
# 90523
Online Price $84.95
MicroLux® Tapping Fixture
# 87362
List Price $130.00
Online Price $119.95
Four-Piece Micro Size Tap Set
# 87697
List Price $35.00
Online Price $29.95
Metric Threading Taps, 5 Sizes, M1.6x35 to M4.0x70
# 8232M
List Price $11.45
Online Price $6.45
Miniature Tap Wrench
# 20130
Online Price $7.95
13/16 Inch Die Stock (Handle)
# 14152
Online Price $9.95
14-piece Mini Tap and Die Set
# 14153
List Price $150.00
Online Price $99.95
5-Piece Metric Tap Set
# 82327
List Price $45.00
Online Price $39.95
Masking Tape (Set Of 2)
# 60727
List Price $28.00
Online Price $24.95
5-Piece Mini Tap Set
# 20129
List Price $35.00
Online Price $29.95
Drill /Tap Holder for Press-It / Sensi-Press
# 82878
List Price $45.00
Online Price $39.95