Compact Vacuum Forming Machine

Item #: 85756
List Price $285.00
Our Price $149.95
List Price $285.00
Our Price $149.95

Compact All-In-One Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Designed for dental use but also forms precision and detailed molds for hobbies and crafts
  • Powerful vacuum motor provides precise downward suction
  • Vacuum forming for mouth guards, custom trays, baseplates, model parts, and model railroad accessories
  • Solid steel construction for durability, long life, and virtually no maintenance
  • Quality molds made quickly
For making small, highly-detailed vacuum formed components, this desktop machine can't be beat. The all-in-one design includes an overhead heater for softening the plastic sheet, a clever lever-operated transport frame that lowers the plastic sheet over the pattern, and a base unit containing an extra-strong-vacuum chamber to draw the plastic tightly over the pattern. Use it to make airplane canopies, tire molds, rock and retaining wall molds, dollhouse decorations, model junkyard debris, railroad flat car loads, hopper car loads, coal piles, wall and roof panels, and so much more. Industrial-quality machine is capable of making thousands of moldings. Works with clear, white, black, tinted or opaque plastic sheets up to .040 inch thick. Note: Not for use with polycarbonate. Sheet size: 5 inch square. Maximum pattern length: 5 inches when placed diagonally in the 4 inch square chamber. Includes steel beads that support patterns with irregular bottom surfaces. Overall dimensions: 8 inches wide x 10 inches deep x 12 inches high. Weight: 10-1/4 pounds. 110vAC line cord; 4 feet long.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Nickel (Metallic) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to:

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Great Machine That Fills Need In Hobby Vacuum Forming


A neat machine that fills a void for the hobbyist who needs a plastic vacu-former. I had been using a vacu-form box that required being put in my kitchen oven with my household vacuum as the suction. It was very unwieldy and didn't produce great results. This machine does it all! Very solid construction, and the internal vacuum is quite powerful. I haven't tried the ball bearings included for irregular shapes yet. I wish this machine had a timer for when the plastic is ready to "form" over the master, but I guess that's not feasible, with different thicknesses of plastic being used for different projects. So I have to do the trial and error thing, but I do walk away with a quality usable form. This is a great machine at a decent price. Definitely recommended!