About Us

Micro-Mark . . . Makers Since 1928

Micro-Mark has been serving makers, crafters and the DIY community since 1928. A third-generation family-owned business, our origin is traced to the Scientific Model Airplane Company of Newark, New Jersey. At the age of 16, our founder set up shop to manufacture and sell model airplane kits. The company continued to grow and evolve, and in 1983, the company started the Micro-Mark Tool and Distribution Center to satisfy an even more diverse group of makers.

Today, Micro-Mark provides unique machinery, tools and supplies for makers of all kinds. Our new product line of specialized tools has grown to include numerous 3D Printers and the widest variety of 3D Filaments, in addition to multipurpose CNC machines, laser cutters and more. With the constant development of new products, we are proud to offer a full line of miniature tools under the name Micro-Make™ Power Tools.

Our employees keep up with the latest developments for craftspeople and artisans, and are always searching for unique and useful products to enhance your creativity. We look forward to serving you.

Our Reputation Is Based On Four Principles:

    1. Customer Satisfaction

      Any product may be returned within 30 days if it does not live up to your expectations. Whether a tool from Micro-Mark is one that's made in our own factory, or is one of the more-than-3,000 we source from the U.S. and around the world, it will always have our full guarantee. That means it costs you nothing to try us. We're confident that the quality and service we provide will be to your liking...just give us the opportunity.

    1. Integrity

      Our product descriptions are truly what we think of the product. We are makers, builders, crafters and DIYers ourselves, and we help you make good decisions by giving you accurate descriptions.

    1. We Treat Our Customers Like Friends

      We want to give you good advice and the best value. It's best for both of us if we get it right the first time around. Nobody is on commission here, and there are no sales targets built into anyone's job description.

  1. We Listen

    If you want us to change something or to carry another product, let us know. We won't ignore your comments. We have had a lot of good advice from customers over the years, and we appreciate it.

Our Mission

Our mission at Micro-Mark is to be your source for hard-to-find tools and supplies while providing the best customer service in the business. Our customers include professional and industrial shops, cottage industries and educational workspaces as well as individual craftspeople working in precision repair, robotics, home machine shops, special effects and prop-making studios, jewelry and watchmaking, miniaturists...any profession or craft that requires the use of specialized precision miniature tools.