Deluxe 7-piece HO Gauge Track Laying Set

Item #: 84114
Our Price $34.95
Our Price $34.95

Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, laying track accurately is the secret to trouble-free operation of your model railroad.
  • Tracklaying tool provides smooth model train track layout
  • Includes ballast spreader for easy even spreading of ballast
  • Track tool provides a straight edge to cut track evenly
  • Parallel tool maintains a 2-inch track separation
  • Soldering tool and flex track alignment tool included
These tools can help you to have a quieter, smoother rolling layout without annoying derailments. Now with Aluminum tooling!

Deluxe HO Tracklaying Set includes:

Ballast Spreader relieves you of a time consuming, messy chore. Just set it on the track, fill the tube with ballast, and slide it along. Distributes ballast on both sides of the rail with a nice even layer between the rails.

Track Tool provides a straight edge for cutting track without tie separation and for locating misaligned rail joints. Works on straight or curved sections.

Parallel Tool maintains 2 inch spacing for two tracks running parallel to each other.

Soldering Tool prevents rails with plastic ties from moving while soldering joints or feeder wires.

Flex Track Alignment Tool straightens flexible track section while nailing it down to the roadbed.

Radius Tool consists of two radius bars that let you draw curves from 7 inch to 23 inch radius in half-inch increments.

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