Infini Model Type A Easy Cutting Mat

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List Price $25.00
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List Price $25.00
Our Price $19.95

Infini Model's Amazing "Easy Cutting Guides" are for Ideal for Every Masking Project
  • Cutting mate that can cut masking tape for various design work
  • The groove is cut according to the pattern, easily cut the shape you want with an art knife
  • Consists of width of 7 different sizes; 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1mm spacings
  • Can be applied to various widths according to the desired range
  • 116 mm by 215mm by 3mm

Perfect for modelers and crafters, we tracked down these hard-to-find precision cutting guides because we need them, too! Until you try one, you just won't believe how smooth, clean and sharp the cuts you make can be using an ordinary hobby knife and a fresh blade. Delicate laser-etched grooves in the acrylic surface are almost too fine to feel with your finger, yet provide surgically accurate cuts with almost zero effort. Take it from us, you need these! Made in South Korea.

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Greatest stripes ever!

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The Infinity easy cutting mat type A is a durable, non-slip, hard plastic may with super fine grooves for making nice thin lines. From 1.0mm to 0.4mm but also up to 20cm long for the strips. I will be using it to make digital camo for a tank soon. Works awesome for creating stripes rotor blades and missiles.