Micro-Make™ / MicroLux® Heavy-Duty Right Angle Disk Sander / Drill

Item #: 82376
List Price $130.00
Our Price $99.95
List Price $130.00
Our Price $99.95

  • Variable speed power tool (requires 87365 Transformer, available separately)
  • Removes rust, grinds metal, shapes and smoothes wood, plastic, fiberglass
  • Includes the hook-and-loop sandpaper system
  • Variable speed from 400 to 3300 rpm
  • A Micro-Mark Exclusive
  • Micro-MakeHeavy-Duty Right Angle Disk Sander / Drill is a versatile tool for removing rust, grinding metal, shaping and smoothing wood, plastic, fiberglass . . . and with our optional #15237, Keyless Chuck can be used for drilling holes in places no other tool will go. Micro-Mark Tip: This is also the perfect tool for cleaning and finishing gourds! Now comes with our NEW Hook-and-Loop Sandpaper System. Speed: 400 to 3,300 rpm. Includes semi-rigid disk mounting wheel for finishing flat surfaces, hex wrench, one hook-and-loop system disk to mount onto the semi-rigid wheel and 2 assorted grit hook-and-loop system sanding disks.

    Please note: The #87365 Transformer is REQUIRED for ALL Micro-Make Miniature Power Tools. The tools will not operate without it. See details below.

    Specifications: weight 12 oz.; length 5 inches; disk dia. 2-3/8 inches; speed 400 to 3300 rpm; motor, 12VDC, 110 watt.

    Built by makers for makers, the Micro-Make line is a collection of new and classic MicroLux® power tools which are designed to enhance your capabilities in your craft. These amazing German-made hobby tools easily fit in the palm of your hand, but don't let their small size fool you. They're versatile, dependable and powerful enough even for the most demanding hobby projects.

    Micro-Make Power Tools feature 12VDC motors which provide incredible torque and power for their size, and are ideal for variable speed operation. The heart of the system is our #87365 Digital Transformer, which not only provides POWER BOOST technology to sense load feedback from the tool and increase output when the going gets tough, it also includes separate controls for speed and torque, allowing the user to precisely dial in the optimum settings for each tool and the work at hand.


    WARNING: Some dusts created by using power tools contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Use adequate protection. For more information, go to: www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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    Velcro disks now. Yay!

    by -

    This sander is awesome for working on gourds except for one problem: the sticky backed sanding disks formerly provided for them. They were horrible!
    <br>Most of us were fabricating our own velcro systems of one kind or another so we could have flexibility with a variety of sanding papers. FINALLY Micro-Mark has added a 2" velcro adhesive disk and sanding pad. I don't see them in the catalogue yet but a pair was included with my recent order for a new sander (my third, I'm really hard on them!) and I couldn't be more delighted! I love it when a company listens to its customers and responds appropriately. Thanks so much Micro Mark. How do we find them on the website? Make LOTS and keep the charge competitive!!!