Parrot Peak Stone Setting Pliers

Item #: 90142
Our Price $14.95
Our Price $14.95

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When placing a gem into the prongs of a setting, the delicate prongs need to be opened and closed tightly around the girdle of the gem. They require 3 specially shaped pliers to do the job correctly. This 90142 Parrot Peak pliers has been designed to close each prong delicately just enough to hold the gem in place. The other 2 pliers you should also consider are our 90143 Parrot Peak pliers for opening the prongs and the 90149 Vectoring Pliers which apply lateral force to neighboring prongs that ensures the prongs are tight along the girdle of the gem. They are 5-3/4" in length with leaf spring and box joint construction with super comfortable foam grip handles and made from stainless steel.


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