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Digital Readout to the Mill

Digital Readout to the Mill




This video shows the installation of digital readouts onto a Micro Mark R8 Milling Machine (Our # 84630). Though the readouts shown are from the first versions of “Digital Readouts” from the Company Igaging some years ago, their newer ones sold today thru Micro Mark can help you in converting and upgrading your R8 machine (or other machines that you may have) to digitally controlled movements for higher accuracy in machining. For the Mill, all 3 axes (X, Y and Z).


We offer 2 versions of readouts that can be mounted. Aluminum bar bodies with an accuracy rating of .002” and Stainless-Steel bar bodies that offer superior rigidity than the aluminum bar bodies and which will raise the accuracy of the movement readouts to .001”.


In either case, some fabrication / modifications are user required to enable the readouts to be mounted onto a machine. Since you are already using or even if you are a first-time user of a milling machine, it is assumed that you have the necessary skills to modify the base machine and would undertake and enjoy the challenge and the outcome of better control over your machining.


It will be necessary to drill and tap (thread) the required mounting holes for each bar body, as well as, to cut and adjust the bar bodies for proper mounting. Additionally, the hardware for attaching these modification would also need to be obtained along with affixing to each movement a “drive pin or stop” that will move the readout along the bar body for movement readout in both directions. (X-left and right, Y-in and out and Z-up and down).


For our R8 machine or for similar machines, you will require 1 each 6” model (aluminum part number 86713 or stainless steel number 86711) for the Y-axis, and 2 each 12” models (aluminum part number 86714 or stainless steel 86712) for the X and Z axis. Additionally, a new USB adaptor is available for connecting these movements to a computer. It is part number 86717 as well as an AC adaptor 86718 that is now available. In the end………We Wish Happy Machining to You!

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