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Micro-Mark’s Scientific Model Kits

Micro-Mark’s Scientific Model Kits

Micro-Mark’s Scientific Model Kits

Micro-Mark has been growing and adding new products over the last few years. One of our most significant endeavors is the Scientific brand model kits. See are model kit manufacturing in New Jersey.



Manufacturing model kits is the foundation of Scientific, or Scientific Models, or SMI. Scientific started in 1928 in Newark, New Jersey. The company began by selling model airplane kits and tools and has evolved over the years but has remained creating, developing, and innovating specialty tools and kits.

In 2018, Micro-Mark returned to the Scientific name and started a new division of manufacturing N, HO, and O scale laser cut and 3D printed building kits and accessory pieces for model train layouts. This division is headed by Donald Becker, a master maker, designer, and model train expert. Donald turned the experience of years of working on his hobby into his full-time job.



Donald Becker
















Donald designs each kit and then uses industrial strength laser cutters create the parts.  




Keddie Roundhouse kit in HO scale framed. The roundhouse was designed directly from the actual plans. The kit box features a copy of a print by Peter Lerro, Jr.



Keddie Roundhouse Kit box

Keddie Roundhouse Print by Peter Lerro, Jr.


Donald brings history, detail, and nostalgia to each of his designs. Today, he offers over 85 unique kits or accessories for N, HO, and O scales.



Each kit is in retail ready packaging.


Layout Accessories Laser Cut and 3D Printed















Recently, Micro-Mark acquired the iconic Laser Art brand and all the designs with the intent to put the kits back into production. Donald is leading this effort. It will be marketed as Laser Art by Scientific.


Laser Art kits fully built


Laser Art Kit



Here is a showing of Scientific products on our catalog cover :














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